At delaware, we talk a lot about the need for consistency across digital channels to create effortless customer (and employee) experiences. Evidently, this has far-reaching implications on how digital products — websites, apps, intranet environments, but also SAP interfaces — are designed and developed. A streamlined and scalable solution that facilitates collaboration between stakeholders is urgently needed. That’s where design systems come in.

Ask any organization that has dabbled in streamlining its branding across multiple platforms, and they will agree that design doesn’t scale easily. Adding extra people and resources, for example, is not enough: the real challenge is ensuring…

How pages are rated by search engines is rapidly changing. Companies sometimes fail to consider that the user’s experience on the website also has an impact on the page ranking. With the announced major update of Google’s page ranking algorithm in May 2021, UX seems to be even more important than ever.

Companies put a lot of energy into creating content and displaying their complete product catalogs or service overviews on their website. This often happens in an inside-out way that fails to consider how the user experiences it. …

Yf Soreyn

Design Lead Expert bij delaware International: Customer obsessed at the core and on a constant quest for creating value for both companies and users.

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